Sony DRU-700A problems



Wondering if anyone has had any problems with the Sony DRU-700A in burning to dual layer in nero. Sometimes I get errors saying unknown error occurred, this is just as it detects the disc to burn, other errors have been disc has not enough room. When I’ve tried to use these discs again they have worked. I thought I had fix the problem by updating nero and updating my firmware. But this seemed to have not helped. Got no problem burning dvd+r dvd-r or rw, just dual layer. Used dvdinfo-pro to check the discs seem to detect ok. Wondering if it could be the media, using Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x

Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated…


Hi there, I have a Sony DRU-700A as well, however my problem is that Windows XP won’t recognise my Verbatim DVD+R DL. Mine burnt fine in Nero, however I can’t use the burnt DVD in my drive or in anyone else’s drive.
DVDinfopro detects my verbatim DL dvd fine too :confused:

Sorry I can’t help, but I’d like to find out too :slight_smile:


I also am having a problem with my Sony DRU-700A. I have just applied the lates firmware update, the VY06E, hoping it would solve my problem - no luck!
CD data disks made with Nero 6, which might only have a few files on, is seen as full or not writable by my drive. It can see the contents of the drive, but won’t add any further info onto the disk. If i put the same disk in another PC with a Sony DVD DRU-510A drive, no problem. I don’t blame nero. I don’t blame the media either, as I tried it out with several types of cd disks. I believe it is the drive’s fault. WHere to from here? :confused:


As a newbie on this forum, it worries me that this thread was started in August and has not received any replies. Is the topic not specific enough or how do we attract the attention of the clever people on this forum who might be able to help us or point our noses in the right dierection to get help?


Update Your Nero


Bug Fixes:
Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express

Extended check for DVD+R9 Double Layer support
Fixed a problem with an empty dialog box occurring in save track mode
Fixed problems writing on second layer of a DVD+R9 DL that occurred with several drives
Fixed a localisation problem in the change booktype dialog box
Fixed a minor compatibility problem with 8x double layer medias
Fixed a problem with DVD+R9 DL burning