Sony DRU-700A or LiteOn LTR-40125S?

this question is just a matter of opinion, based upon the capabilities of both writers (im aware that one is a DVD D/L burner and the other solely a CD burner :wink: )

recently i purchased a sony dru-700a. i have a liteon ltr-40125s cd burner already in my computer and i have heard that these are quite good for burning backups of certain PC game discs with particular versions of SafeDisc 2 (especially renowned in EA games), as i have discovered.

is the sony dru-700a just as good at burning backups of discs with safedisc 2 etc., and if so, should i take out the liteon, or do u recommend that i leave the liteon in there for future PC game backups?

I’d appreciate any help… thanks. :slight_smile:

In my experience, the Sony/Lite-On rebadged DVD±RW drives are fine at burning safedisc and other copy protected images. OTOH, I have never used my Lite-On DVD to read the original disc and create the image, so YMMV.

Are you running out of IDE connections? Why not leave both in?

thanx for the quick reply.
its funny to know that the dru-700a is a rebadged liteon… they even have the same setup of jumpers at the rear etc.

if i put the dvd burner in (with my Liteon DVD-ROM and CD burner, and HD of course) i’m out of IDE, so i cant put anything else in.

i also like to keep a clean tower;)… three drives, come on:P