Sony DRU-700a New Firmware Patch

Just looked on the Sony site & noticed they have released an update to firmware VY06E. All it says is improvements have been made to writing performance and reliability. This might be a catch-up to the latest Liteon 832s firmware.

Hopefully COdeKing will unscramble so we can play with Omnipatcher :slight_smile: .

here it is in bin format :slight_smile:

214 media codes against 213 media codes of VS0B.

does this have bitsetting enabled?

Can you post a link please?

Heres a kprobe scan I just did with the new firmware.

Burned at 8x, Ritek G04 (changed to G06 write strat), with Recommended Tweaks and all options selected in Omnipatcher:

(Note, if interested, my drive is a Sony DRU-700A)

Looks great for a G04 @8X!!
Did you have the same result with VS0B?

Well I got a mountain effect before at the end of the disc, even with the ‘force-fallback’ option selected. But hey who knows it might of been the media, as I hear G04’s can be a bit variable in quality.

As I see it now, this firmware seems to be a definite improvement over the Liteon version VS0B. I’ve noticed also that with Sony firmwares the read times of discs when you load them is considerably faster than with the Liteon firmware releases. I find that rather odd.

YES, it does!

How did you got that firmware? It shows different CRC32 from mine, can you tell me the checksum of your? mine is 933D, of course my drive is an original DRU-700A with VY05 upgraded to VY06.
I also noticed a strange thing, when I upgraded from VY02 to VY05 the eeprom CRC32 was the same before and after, now after upgrading to VY06 the eeprom CRC32 is changed :confused:

Well I am now in a pikle… My version of Nero only works with Liteon drives not Sony… But if anyone wants to swap nero’s :slight_smile: so they can get a liteon…

Burned at 4x, PRINCO, with Recommended Tweaks and all options selected in Omnipatcher:

Load up OP and check which strat Princo used to burn this disk.

So, can I flash my Lite On SOHW-812S with this firmware? Just want to make sure…

I upgraded my drive with the official flasher and then backupped it in .bin format with ltnflash.

Yes backup both the EEPROM and the Flash files before using this. You loose the red/yellow lights as the Sony only shlashes green. But the burn quality seems to be better than the liteon firmware.

x evilhead

I made the same thing but firmwares are different, this is mine

The Sony firmware changes the EEPROM where the Liteon did not so it might be important to save a copy of your EEPROM before flashing it.

Thats intresting, It foundout my drive was a 812S :slight_smile: and it copies the string.


Sei di Milano? Bella!
Yes, I’ve noticed they’re different… I don’t know. When did you download it from Sony’s site? maybe there was a change. Did you apply any patch? Mine is stock.

Why backing up EPPROM?
and red/yellow lights depends on firmware not on the eeprom.

btw it’s normal to see some change in the eeprom. In the eeprom are stored some infos like last four burns and other stuff I don’t remember.