Sony DRU-700A @ LiteOn 832S (CG5G) and MBIPG101R04


I’ve got a Sony DRU-700A @ LiteOn 832S (CG5G), and I’m getting consistent high mountains at the start of my burns with MBIPG101R04 Media (Moser Baer India Limited).

I’m burning the discs with Nero 6 at 4x.

Here is my latest scan, which is near identical to the last 10 burns with this media.

Any advice…

t22 :smiley:

the media is crap, try some quality discs.

Excuse my ignorance…

that would explain why there is always a peak at the start of the disc, and the rest of the burn seems well within what is deemed ‘reasonable’ limits?

the peak shouldn’t be a problem as the rest looks pretty good. but some MCC or TY discs would be better. i use verbatim 8x dvd+r discs (mid: mcc003) with my dru710a.


Your scan doesn’t look that bad… but if you can give your firmware a tweak and switch the strat for your MBIPG101R04 to MBIPG101R05 you might get better results.