Sony DRU 700a light flashing permantly

Hi guys,
After trying to rip a dvd with smartripper and learning that some files were still locked, i played around with ltnrpc to free up my region settings. Ever since then the drive light flashes continously even when there is noc d in the drive, the drive also doesnt read cd’s! >.<. The drive appears to be working properly in device manager so i have nOO diea whats going on. Did i screw up my new Burner???! =(

Hmm, LtnRPC has a very safe record, but it sounds like your eeprom data has become corrupted. What kind of things were you doing in LtnRPC? You didn’t play with RPCDE at all, did you?

You can fix the drive right away by using OmniPatcher for Liteon drives to modify a firmware “Enable Crossflashing” then flash that back onto your drive and it will work again, otherwise send Zebra a PM and maybe he’ll fix your eeprom checksum for you.

Hmm…i downloaded rpcde2 and selected my drive and cliked disable…and enable…and disable…not really knowing the effect i could of done? =(. I downloaded omnipatcher but im not too sure on how to use it…im a newbie to this kind of stuff.

OoH thanx dhc014! after playing with omnipro i realsied what to do and fixed the problem! U roxors! haha!

RPCDE is likely the culprit, unfortunately you must’ve missed the warnings not to use it with DVDRW drives. Just don’t forget that you will need to patch all firmwares with omnipatcher or else you’ll get the blinking light again.