Sony DRU-700A and updated hardware issue

Hi everyone

Up until a few weeks ago I had my PC running with an Asus A7n8X Deluxe mainboard, 768mb of Twinmos Dual Chan DDR400 mem, an Athlon XP3200+ processor, Western Digi 80gb IDE HDD (with XP Pro SP1 installed), Maxtor DM9 120gb SATA HDD as a storage device, MSI 52x32x52 CDRW and SONY DRU-700A DVDRW. I could burn off a DVD-R 4x of 4.5gb in about 6-10 minutes usually.

i had a hardware problem which meant I had to replace the motherboard and the memory. But now my Sony DVD burner takes about 30 minutes ot burn a DVD-R.

The IDE settings are exactly the same as before, the only thing I can think thats changed is the IDE cable has been changed from a round cable to a flat standard IDE cable. All the other settings are ok.

Its been on a fresh install so no problems with driver issues. Ive updated the firmware to the latest one. It just really slows the PC down it uses about 80-90% CPU usage during a burn. and takes 30 mins to burn.

Anyone any ideas ??? :sad:

Have you checked DMA for the drive yet? If not, then do so. It needs to be enabled.

Thanks alot. I was thinking that when I had a search round the website earlier. Have now changed it to DMA and its working spot on !! Thanks.