Sony dru-540a 1.0b

i just upgraded to the 1.0b firmware and now i have problems with windows xp booting, it will just go as far as the startup screen and thats it , if i make it start in “last known good configuration” it will fully boot and then find the drive,i have to do this every time i start up, i upgraded because the burner would never burn past 4x, and that really would be fine for me now, so what do i do ?
id be willing to go back to the 1.0a version but i cant seem to find it

im running win xp pro without sp1 or 2
msi k7n2 delta2 platinum/1gig mushkin blue 3200 ddr/athlonxp 1800+ palimino
visiontek geforce4 ti4600
2- westdig 80 gig hard drives /1-maxtor 80 gig /1- maxtor 160 gig drive
antec truepower 550
sony dru-540a
sony crx-185e1
toshiba dvd rom sd-m1212

Once you get into Windows, Uninstall everything that you see under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers in Device Manager and restart again. Your problem is not firmware related.

if i do that wont it stop windows from loading since its on the primary chanel, or am i misunderstanding something?

No, drivers will just be reinstalled and all devices should be detected anew.

If even dhc014´s solution doesn´t work, try this. :wink:

A standalone nForce package improving compatibility for ATA/ATAPI drives.

it seems to be working , thanks alot guys

just a little update, it was fine till i shut it down completely for a while , it seemed to have a problem everytime after i had used dvd shrink to burn a disk, i changed the cables around so its on its own cable ( it was sharing with a sony cdrw) i put it on my maxtor ultra 133 adapter card and that helped it but it was alot slower , so i moved things around again so its on the second chain on the mobo all by itself and now its working great, it takes me 20 minutes at 54% compression to backup (rip&burn)my movies
i guess there must have been some conflict with having that other sony cdrw on the same chain
the wierd thing is it always worked fine until the firmware upgrade, eh but oh well all is good now