Sony DRU-530A

this thing all of a sudden has taking a turn to a hunk of junk status.used to work great now when i use dvd shrink and latest nero to burn my sony dvd player dvp715p says C 13 60 (check dirty disk) but if i use my tosihba burner on a different pc it works just fine what the heck is wrong with this sony unit.

what nobody has nay suggestions well can i flash this thing with the new dru700 firmware to get dual layer support. anyone anyone out there


You don’t give much info here. Does the DVD play on your computer using the 530A for playback though something like PowerDVD? Or, can it be played on another computer?

I have a 530A that is firmwared to the latest 530A level. Anyway, I think the “dirty disk” message is due to low grade media. This is fairly common.

SO, what kind of media were you using? Was this the first time you used this type?