Sony DRU 530A

hey guyss newbie here…welll kinda i been burning some dvds about 6 months now with my sony dvd burner…i alwayzz had great results with as far makin coasters…LOL but the last 2 or 3 weeks everything i try now as got so it will not read it in dvd player…sayss disc error can not read disc…I am doing the same thing with the same blank dvds that i alwayzz have…is it possible for dvd burner could be going bad…i am srrry i do get about 1 out of 5 that will play…thinkin about gettin a plextor for Christmas anyy suggestions??..PS sony dru530 a

Maybe your dvd burning process or burner or broken. Or maybe the player itself is dying.

Do your old discs still play in your player? If not, then I would suspect the DVD player itself is dying.

k i was afraid to ask that not sure if it was a stupid question… a friend at work told me that may be happening but i was not sure if he was pulling my leg or not…