Sony DRU-530A specifications listed at

I just posted the article Sony DRU-530A specifications listed at

The specifications of Sony’s new
8x DVD writer are now listed on SonyStyle’s website. The drive was displayed about a month
ago at the WPC Expo show in Japan but here are now more detailed…

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This new drive from Sony looks like the Plextor PX-708A, if you look at the specifications. Same chipset?

Is it me or this tech specifications sounds extreamly simular to Plextor’s PX-708A ? Is Sony started to use Sanyo chipsets too ?

Looks like an exact copy of the PX-708A. Spec-wise that is.

There are a lot of DVD protections coming to a DVD Disc near you so the more drives using the same chipsets the better, fewer for the firmware hackers to support. I’m expecting to see DVD movies that just eject when I put them in my DVD drive.

why did they have to reduce the buffer back to 2mb? I thought 8mb would be wise when recording at 8x. The only other fault with this drive is the 4x for dvd-r but i hear this may be firmware upgradable to 8x once the dvd forum has officially supported 8x

I’ve got the PX-708a, the drive needs a 30mb buffer for it to make any diff. 2mb or 8mb is too little.

Agree , sometimes (especially when writing CDs) when eMule and few other progs running at background I se see constants drops in buffer level and drive led goes green for a 1/2 sec.