Sony DRU-530A, can't handle mildest over-burn w/ DVD+R

I have a 4487MB ISO file that I want to burn that is merely 3MB over the reported capacity of DVD+R media(Tried HP(ID is CMC), Sony(ID is Sony) and Fujifilm(ID is YUDEN). When I enable overburn and tell the drive to go ahead and burn, it will burn to 100% in Nero, then stalls out right before it writes the Lead out. I made three coasters :frowning:

I can burn fine if I over-burn to DVD+RW or do a regular burn to DVD-R with a capacity of 4489MB.

Drive: Sony DRU-530A, firmware tried 1.0d and 2.1c. Either way, it stalls at the end, but 1.0d can simulate to that point at 8x using TY media. 2.1c stops at beginnging with “tracking error”.

Software: Nero

Another problem I have had with this drive is when I burn at 8x, the completed disc has errors.

Does this drive just suck or what?


I have a Sony DRU-710A and I over burned a Video Cd today, it worked well up to the end and then when it finished it said “the burn process failed.” The Cd played in my DVD Player though.