Sony DRU-530A Cannot Record DVD's

My Drive Was working fine with no ploblems, Then after a few days i tried to burn a dvd using nero the burn process failed and dameged my disc,Again i tried Burning A DVD using BlindWrite5 Still the same results.At Last i tried burning a dvd using Sonic Record Now , Again the same :sad: .I tried Changing Firmwares To the latest the to the oldest still no use.Now What Can I do?But I Can Write CDs Without Any Problem.

Try burning another disc with Nero, and when it fails, it will prompt you to save an error log.

Can you do that, and post the log here? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Ill try to do that becuz i hav no more dvds with me all gone this way.Any Other way of making an error log?

Or Can i Use The Sony Drive Dignostics Software.

Can I Burn DVD’s Again