Sony DRU-510a will not write DVD



I just purchased this unit a week ago and successfuly burned a SVCD (I didn't have any DVD media).
Soooo...I completed a capture and edit with Pinnacle Studio 8 and started a burn only to find that the unit reports "incorrect media" in Pinnacle.
Did a drive check with the Sony utility to find that will not write.
Set up as a secondary with my old Philips CD-RW as primary. Tried both DMA and PIO settings to no avail.
It will read disks fine.....AHHHHHHHH


And THANK YOU for all the nice help you guys rock:bow:
I sent the Sony back to well…Sony and bought a Pioneer writer works like charm.
Again all your advice was awesome:Z
P.S. If I didn’t supply the appropriate info…just ask I guess.