SONY DRU-510a Problems

Hello, I have just purchased and installed a Sony DRU-510a,and have some questions, Hello firstly to everyone here…

This new burner will not play anything… Not Music, DVDs, VCDs, software, nothing at all… Apparently it can burn almost anything, but its playing nothing… In fact without having EZ DVD Creator going its useless, At least with my old CD burner you could at least read the disc you just made and play it as well, but not with this…You have to take it out and move it to the DVD Rom to play… It seems crazy, have I done something really wrong…

Im using EZCD Creator 6 as my burning software…
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Maybe you’ve heard of a better burning application called Nero Burning ROM? Uninstall EZCD Creamator, download Nero, and see if the same problem occurs.

There can be quite some causes for this problem, but my first suggestion would be a defect ASPI layer. You can update this layer by (re)installing ASPI with Adaptec Aspi or ForceAspi.

Hiya, thankyou for the replies, before getting those, I redid the region 1, and its playing DVDs… only thing is , it wont play anything else except a DVD… wont play CDs, software, music, only DVD movies…

Any ideas?

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Hiya, I updated the APSI layer, and that didnt help.

I can still only play DVDs, nothing else…

any other suggestions,

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Originally posted by yellowfox567
[B]Hiya, I updated the APSI layer, and that didnt help.

I can still only play DVDs, nothing else…

any other suggestions,

much appreciated,

Yellowfox [/B]

In your initial post, you stated that your drive didn’t play anything. After updating the ASPI layer it does play DVD media but nothing else, you say.

Is this correct? If so, updating the ASPI did change something…

Hiya, No just after my first post I redid the region 1 and that enabled me to play the DVDs… I then came and read your thread and updated the ASPI layer, but still I can only play the DVDs nothing else…

thanks again for your help

I just installed the same burner – it’s on secondary IDE as slave with DVD reader set to slave on primary.

I know this looks odd, but it’s a RAID system – they’re all odd…

DMA enabled, ASPI is only the XP default.

Seems to burn OK, haven’t played with it much as yet.

Just tried an audio CD in it – played perfectly via Windows Media Player.

I can only suggest you recheck the ASPI layer and try both enabling and disabling DMA.

You might also try the old trick of deleting the drive in Device Mangler and let Windows find it again – this often works.:slight_smile:

Zero issues with mine.

Zero issues with mine.

I really don’t see how this helps yellowfox…

Yellowfox, why don’t you try attaching the drive to a different IDE channel. Change from master to slave, see if that helps

Hello, I recantly baught my DRU510A, after getting it home and installed it, I started hitting all the usuall problems you hear about with this drive, I have since then totaly resolved my problems and in my technical view these are the requirements you need in effect to have success with this drive:

  1. Drive correctly instated as a master or slave on a DMA100 or better IDE controller with 80pin conductor cable, enabled in the bios and the OS.
  2. Fully working Hard disk capable of sustained data transfer.
  3. Fully working system & OS (xp/2k) to boot (doesnt need to be a monster, id trust my friends little duron to the task anyday)
  4. Up to date ASPI layer
  5. Up to date firmware Version: 1.0G, NOTE: Intel Application accelerator must be uninstalled to update the firmware on the drive hosted under a Intel chipset.
  6. Good quality media -um highly important-
    I had no end of problems with the dreded PRINCO (purple), switched to TDK’s 4x and every singal dvd I’ve backed up since has been perfect in every way.

btw: Ive seen yellow princo (not my own) that where perfect.

other note: If you’re burning highly compressed /shrunken dvds use ONLY 4x+, you can some times get away with 2x if its not been compressed to fit 4.3gb, it only makes sense the playing drive needs to be able to read the data quicker if there is more of it in the compression in order to play with out gerky image quality/out of sync sound, therfore the discs need to be burned at a suitable speed.

hope my little experences help.
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