Sony dru 510a problem

I’ve installed the drive and have attempted to install the supplied software via the installation DVD. First probelm… the sony drive would not read the disk.

I tried the DVD in my laptop and it read OK so there’s no fault with the disk. I have made a CD copy of the disk just so I could install the software.

I then attempted to record a DVD just with backup data , and it recorded OK without errors but when I attempted to read it , all I got were read errors. I put the DVD disk into my laptop , and again, it read OK!!!

So it seems the Sony drive will record OK but not read !

Can anyone help?

I am using Windows XP professional, DRU 510a, Mirai SCSI Cd burner, 512Mb memory


Seems like from what you’ve stated,you might have a bad laser…take it back,hope you got your receipt…

its very strange…

I sent back the first recorder and bought a second one from a different supplier.

Unfortunately, this drive is exactly the same. I installed the drive and the pc found it straight away, I attempt to play a movie DVD, and the picture is very blocky. I have tried the same DVD in my other dvd player on the computer and it plays OK.

It would be very unlucky to have a second faulty DRU 510a, so could it be a problem with the computer or the graphics card? Its a Nvidia Geforce 2 Ultra card with the latest drivers.

I’ve only got a few days to send this writer back if this is indeed faulty


Had the same thing happen to me. Tried to drives and the choopy DVD play and not reading files occurred. The DVDs burn without a problem but won’t play. SONY and the place I bought it from say they have not heard of it occurring elsewhere.

I am running XP as wonder if that may somehow be the cause. let me know if you find out why.

What software player are you guys using? PowerDVD is the best,(and probably the most common). I had another brand of player (Interactive,I think),and it played very jumpy whether it was a home made DVD or a commercial.
Try it and see what happens… :cool:
And one more thing,word for word,tell me
how the DVD’s were created,this may uncover what you may be doing wrong…:confused:

I finally worked out the cause after elimintaing everything else including the software. All I needed to do was turn the DMA off. It does everything now it is suppose to. I rang SONY to let them know because they had not ever suggested it. Hope it helps.


I can confirm that DMA needs to be turned off for the drive to correctly playback DVD films, and I guess read DVDs which have any kind of data on them.

I tried turning off DMA in BIOS settings but problem kept happening, so I used device manager / IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers to diable DMA (I’m highlighting this incase anyone else needs help solving the problem)

Craig, if I was a girl, I’d have all your babies !!!

I’ll let Sony know about this solution as well, because they weren’t much help at all when I called.

I just hope the first shop I bought the DVD writer from will refund my money seeing as the drive wan’t faulty at all

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Turning off DMA is not a solution! CPU utilization will rise up to 100% whenever you read data or rip a DVD.

DMA mode: Direct Memory Access
This means the Drive does not need the Processor to write data into the memory or read it from there. If you turn off DMA then PIO mode is used

PIO: Programmed Input Output

The Processor needs to read the data from the Disk to the memory and vicy versa. That’s a catastrophy because this will slow down your system significantly.

If you don’t find a solution to this problem, then try to give this heap of junk back to the store for your money.


Bunion and craigj, how about posting some more details regarding the systems that you are using? System board, etc, etc?

I have a Gateway 700x P4 2.0a, 512mb RDRAm and the 510a works fine in the scenario you describe. It’s running Ultra DMA mode 2.

i’m using a 1.4 athlon PC with 512 mb, nvidea Geforce 2 ultra graphics card.

Depite what Horst has said in his reply, if DMA is turned off on my PC then the DRU 510a works great. I haven’t noticed any slow down in the PC when I record to a DVD.

If DMA is turned back on again, then DVD playback will be choppy.

If anyone can advise on a different solution then I’ll give it a try.

What was said in the above reply has GOT to be incorrect. I NEVER had to turn off DMA on my PC in order to play movies,
or use ANY data written to a DVD blank(plus or minus). DMA was on ALL the time,and writing and reading were fine.
This deserves some further investigation,
my setup is below …That person needs to use DVD software that his PC accepts,
or his playback will be problematic…

the other DVD drive in my PC works without problem with DMA on, its juts the DRU510a which is the problem drive.

I’ve tried both Powerdvd and windows media player and both programs result in choppy playback if dma is on.

very odd, maybe its just my setup?

Funnyt, most DVD drives i know wont play if IN PIO mode. This really makes no sence.

So, what firmware are you guys using? You may have old stuff that a flash could fix…

the dru510a is Firmware 1.0.

i have checked the sony website but cannot find any updates at this stage.

Originally posted by bunion
[B]the dru510a is Firmware 1.0.

i have checked the sony website but cannot find any updates… [/B]

take a look in the Firmware Forum

there is a link to the Sony 510a site with firmware 1.0c, dated 3rd or 4th July

i have updated the firmware, and now I can leave DMA on and the playback is OK !

This update has fixed all playback problems on my system