Sony DRU-510A problem



For some odd reason my Sony DRU-510A refuses to recognize certain DVD discs. The drive burns discs and plays most of the movies just fine. But for whatever reason, it refuses to see some movies. I’ve got a Collateral DVD set for example, and the special features disc is working flawlessly, but the actual movie disc is not even recognized (drive shows to be empty). I’ve searched the forums, and found one other person who had the same issues. He was recomended to update the firmware, which I did a week ago, yet the problem is still there. Can anyone please help?


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Other than a firmware issue could be a dirty or scratched disc. Try to clean it and see if this solve.

Another cause could be a damaged disc. Even pressed media can be defective. Try to read that disc with a different drive. If you have problem on that disc also with different drives, then the disc is damaged and you should get a RMA.

If this issue is present only in the Sony drive, it’s possible that your drive is starting to become damaged. In this case, you need a new drive.


every disc I’ve used is pretty much spotless. The drive on the other hand is pretty old (couple of years now, it was a hand me down item from a friend of mine). It never really had any problems, up until recently it decided not to play select few dvds. I have had a problem with DVD drives before, when they would not read, but that was due to POS old drives that were older than the tower they were in.