Sony dru-510a errors with nero

I have a sony dru-510a.
It has worked so far burning all media I have thrown at it.
I use the drive mainly to record data, by burning iso

I have burned dvd-r media at x2 and x4.
I have burned dvd-rw at media x1 and x2.
I just bought 200 office depot 4x dvd-rw (really cheap).
According to nero infotool, the discs are really ritekw04 media.

When I try to burn an iso filesystem, I get the error
‘illegal disc’. When I try to erase the disc, I get the same

My drive was at firmware 1.0f, and I flashed it to 1.1a.
It didn’t help.

I updated nero from 6.3 to 6.6, and it didn’t help either.

Right now I am burning a ‘value disc’ (office max) dvd-r
at 4x with no problems.

I was wondering if the dvd-rw being a x4 was somehow
confusing the sony, which can only burn x2 for dvd-rw.

Is there some way to make my burner burn these new,
faster dvd-rw’s with some version of nero?

Do I need to buy a newer, faster dvd burner?

Any help would be appreciated.

I am currently burning a sony dvd-rw x1 dvd with no problems…

I spoke to ‘tech support’ at sony.
They said that the drive doesn’t support any dvd-rw x4 media.
I fear I need to get a Plextor px-716a.
If anyone has any clever hacks to allow me to burn the dvd-rw x4
media at x2, please let me know.