Sony DRU-510A Drops to 2x DVD-R


Had a DRU-500A with no problems with my various DVD-R disks including Ritek.
Just got a DRU-510A and it drops immediately to 2x !!!

Strangely enough works at 4x with DVD+RW !!

I’m running firmware v1.0d and need to flash back to v1.0c so I can see if that is the problem.

Anyone else have the same problem?

I’ll think I’ll buy a Plextor 8x now…
Cheers, Ricky.

Just read from someone who works for a major DVD-Recordable manufacturer, and he commented that there was a great variation among Sony DVD burners in terms of media burning compatibility, and this seems to be confirmed by numerous owners’ complaint of not burning DVD-R discs at 4X. I thought Sony fixed this problem by introducing the DRU-510A with a different hardware, but apparently not. So you are basically at the mercy of pure luck.

Also the latest introduction of the DRU-530A turns out to be an OEM of the Optorite DD0401, except it has a less functional firmware with no HD-BURN support and no 8X writing for certain 4X +R discs. Who wants to pay $100 more for a Sony labeled Optorite OEM with less function?

I am sure you’ll be very happy with your Plextor model.

Cheers dude and I thought Sony was a good brand.
Ah well, not the end of the world, good to have a moan I suppose, now where is my local PC shop ;-))