Sony DRU-510A - 2003

Hardware=chipsets Texas Instruments Inc TM057931APDV…
+Sony CXD -9711R +NEC 68812Y02 + Fujitsu 530FAN8035 +ARM LC67F5006A + mechanics and OPU Sony KWS-200A

Firmware update under Dos

Philips CD-R AUDIO 700MB CMC Magnetic 97m26s66f
Sony DRU-510A fw.1.1a
ImgBurn x12

My first DVD burner was a 500a. I bought it at Fries for close to retail, used it 6 months or a year and sold it for 50. It actually seemed to be a very well built drive and the bezel was pretty striking and looked just like that one.
It did support all the formats out at the time as everyone was arguing over DVD plus or minus so I figured having both supported would be handy and I could buy whatever blanks I could find.
I seem to remember it had trouble writing some 4x rated stuff at 4x but the disks always worked. I burned through so many burners in short order as prices dropped and they kept getting faster.

The DRU-500A was AFAIR the first writer for DVD-R and DVD+R, Sony shocked all competitors with it. Everyone want this drive after it was released. And yes, it wasn´t perfect and had trouble with some discs, but it´s legendary and force the competitors to support both DVD-types.

The DRU-510A wasn´t that legendary and also expensive, but AFAIK it was a real Sony, the times before Sony switched to Liteon and NEC

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I have two copies of the Sony DRU-500AX.
The main hardware is identical to the Sony DRU -510A. Other, only the construction of the motherboard is modernized.

These are the last own constructions of the Sony concern - very complicated but also very emergency … It is difficult to find efficient copies today …

Whereas the Sony DRU-530A is already the OEM \ clone Optorite DD0401

Verbatim DVD+R MCC004 MBI Indie
Sony DRU-510A fw.1.1a
ImgBurn x4

How would the 510A do with 4x-media? I guess MCC 004 is not in the FW of this drive, and at the release of the 500/510 scans were rare

Sony DRU-510A

He must deal with the x4 transcript.

Of course, Verbatim DVD + R x16 MID: MCC004 is a recorded strategy for unrecognized media.

So unknown media would be recognized as high speed media and written at 4x. Actual writers handled it vice versa, unknown MID = slowest write speed and standard-strategy for low-speed-medium

For this DVD + R media, all supported transmissions are available.

2x with +R ? That´s strange like the 2,4x write speed on -R with some Benq-writers

I guess the DRU-510 strategy is the best you can have, would be more problematic if unknown media used lowest possible speed

The x2 recording strategy for DVD + R is really unheard of but true …

Sony DRU-510A fw.1.1a
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