Sony DRU-510 cannot burn CD Audio

Greetings…long time reader, first time poster.

My system: AMD 2800, 1 GB RAM, Win200o (SP3), Asus A7N8X MoBo.

Problem: I can burn CD data, DVD data, and DVD video just fine but a CANNOT burn CD Audio at all. I’ve tried the OEM RecordNow DX and the latest Nero 5.5- both freeze my system at about 10%.

No system conflicts…drive is slave on IDE 2 with DMA transfer enabled.

Please help…Sony tech support basically worthless!

Certainly somebody out there can offer me a suggestion as to why a burner could write DATA just fine but fails to write AUDIO? I tried the drive out on a friend’s rig and all work perfectly. My media is TDK 48x, so it’s not that (as somebody had suggested).

Still needing advice! :o

Try CS or unplug master and put sony as the only device on the cable.

I have an abit kg7 with via south bridge 686b, and I install via mini port driver.

Mine can’t burn CD audio either – doesn’t coaster the disc, though – refuses to even start the burn, which is probably the best thing if it’s not going to complete.

I’ll research it further when I get more experienced with the drive – all I’ve tried it with yet is Nero (including the June 30th release), DVD Decrypter and DVD X Copy.

It burns data CD’s perfectly and so far DVD’s seem OK – have only tried RW’s yet (the moment of truth will probably come when I stick a write-once in it…)

No problems with anything I’ve asked it to read.

It’s not a priority with me, since the machine also has a 12-10-32S Plextor burner that works fine and there’s a Lite-on in the other machine.

When (and if :smiley: ) I’ve any useful results I’ll post them for you.

Idle: Thanks man…at least somebody has confirmed that there may be a compatibity issue. I look forward to hearing what you come up with!