Sony Dru-500ax stopping on read errors?


In order to test my new DVD burner, I am attempting to backup some PS2 games that are themselves backedup on DVD-R media (Orincno [spelling?]). I was hoping that after I had gotten an image of the DVD game, I could transfer the game to DVD+R media, since DVD+R (RiTek) media is compatible on newer PS2 consoles.

The problem I am having regards DVD image creation software. Apparently, when there is a read error, the software I am using simply stops the image creation process. I then have to start the process all over again, from the beginning. However, this does not help because the image creation process stops once again at the same point.

I have used Alcohol 120%, and Veritas. Both of these softwares halt on read errors. I know Alcohol 120% provides the option of skipping read errors, but is this necessarily a good thing?

My Sony DRU-500ax has the latest sony firmware, 2.0e. It is also configured as a slave drive, while my PX4012a (1.05 firmware) is the master. These two drives are connected to the motherboards’ primary IDE. (My Asus K7V motherboard recognizes the master / slave confirguration correctly, however both my BIOS and WINXP puts the Plextor in PIO mode 4, while putting the SONY on UDMA 2). (As a side note, I use a Promise ATA133 PCI card to run my two ATA100 drives (40 Gig Maxtor & 80 Gig WD), since the K7V only goes to ATA66.)

I have installed ForceASPI, and update the ASPI with the latest drivers from Adaptec.

Does anyone know of any software that has the same error correcting features as Plextools or ExactAudioCopy, but made for ripping DVD games? I’m really looking for software that does not halt the ripping process when encountering a read error, but instead attempts to re-scan the errored sector of the DVD until it extracts in similar fashion as EAC of PlexTools.

Same results with the newest version of Nero. :confused:

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Here’s how I do it…maybe someone can improve my technique. All I can say is it works.
I usually omit the “extra” stuff on the DVD and just rip and burn the movie.

I have an Athlon XP 2700+ Processor with 1.5 GB 333 DDR Ram and a Western Digital 120 GB Hard Drive with 8 MB Buffer. I have the Pioneer 105, HP 300i, and the Sony DRU 500AX burners.
(Sony and HP Burners on one computer and the Pioneer on the second compuer.)

When I say I burn DVD’s, I mean it. haha

DVD Decrypter rocks, and I proudly sent a donation for his hard work, and I promise to donate again!. I can’t thank you enough for your software.

DVD Decrypter is totally awesome software!

For Single Layer DVD’s only!
Use the FILE MODE of DVD Decrypter and the default mode file settings. Rip ALL the files from the DVD (edit, select all) to your Hard drive. You can then burn it with Nero because the copy protection has been removed. Start Nero Wizard Select DVD, Compile New DVD, other DVD formats, DVD Video. On the far left you will see two folders. One is AUDIO_TS and the other is VIDEO_TS. Open the VIDEO_TS folder and drag all the files from the folder where you ripped the DVD. (VOB, IFO etc.)
Click file, write CD. You now will have a fully functional DVD Copy.
Instead of Nero, I prefer CopytoDVD software as described below. I get better results with this porgram than with Nero.

For dual layer DVD’s, the following instructions must be followed.
DVD Decrypter will identify whether your DVD is single or dual layer. To see if you DVD is dual layer using DVD Decrypter, go the the ISO Mode and READ. There the info will be displayed telling number of layers.
Remember to go back to the FILE MODE before ripping the DVD.
If it is dual layer, you also need the software DVD2One available at h**p:// ($39.99) The instructions for this sofware is on their webpage. In fact using DVD2One is very easy. Howerver, you still need DVD Decrypter to rip the entire DVD to your hard drive, then using DVD2One you can select the files needed for a single layer DVD. Many dual layer DVD’s contain lots of unneeded files such as directors comments, subtitles, extra audio files etc. DVD2One lets you pick only the files needed for a fully functional single DVD.
All you have to do then is burn the new files with Nero. The results are unbelievable.

Two examples of dual layer DVD’s are “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “Patriot”.

With DVD2One, I personally ripped the necessary files for a single layer DVD which will fit on the 4.7 GB blank DVD’s.
Their website has easy to follow instructions.

Both programs mentioned above support burning of DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW formats.

Another excellent way of burning the DVD (without using Nero) is by using CopytoDVD software, available at h**t://
This program includes a special VSO driver which the author claims will burn better quality videos than Nero.
Retail price is $29.90.

I have extensively used all the software mentioned above and have burned flawless DVD’s.

I have tested the three DVD burners listed below and all have burned exceptionally well.

I have used Imation and Verbatim blank DVDs.

Sony DRU-500AX (supports +R/RW and -R/RWformats)
HP 300i (+R/RW format)
Pioneer DVD 105 (- R/RW format)

All I can say is the results have been excellent.

Any comments will certainly be welcomed.

Good Luck and happy ripping and burning.

After 215 attempts, NOT ONE HALT to where I had to start over, I am finally past the 71% point in ripping this PS2 game. By all indications, it seems as if it will rip successfully.