Sony DRU-500AX Problem


My problem is that i am getting this Error a the time …
Command:2A Sense :03 asc:0c ascq:8
Write Error - Recovery Failed …i am using Recordnow and princo dvd-r?? buring speed is 1
if i try just to burn in test mode ther is no problem only if i try to burn for real.

the sony+rw it get with the dvd-burner is ther not any problem with…


ps…i have the new firmware 2.0e

i get the same i also got the sony burner but i got the OEM

someone must know what it is :frowning:

check my post…

k i was thinking very hard :slight_smile:
and i just thought that
i used to use a different brand of discs but the error has only occured when i started to use traxdata disc’s so Ummmmm
TraxData ? Sony? = :frowning:

anyone else has problems with TraxData with their sony dvd-+rw?

tryin using different medias. i haven’t heard good news about Princo dvds. I use Taiyo Yudens with my DRU500AX and i have not had a coster once yet. well i only have burnt like 30 dvds though :stuck_out_tongue:

oki…i will try different medias…:slight_smile:

ok im gonna ask a newbie question :stuck_out_tongue:

whats a coaster?

is Verbatim DVD-r ok?

if not which is good media something i can go buy from a regular shop today :slight_smile:

coasters are just screwed up burnt medias. so they go to the garbage can right next to your pc :stuck_out_tongue: i’ve never used Verbatim dvds yet so i don’t know how they are with DRU500AX. i know Taiyo Yudens will work… if you are looking for medias that are sold at local stores, i’d say maxwell and tdks?? those are the ones i see at compusa and places like that. those should be great dvds. however i think they are expensive…

when you burn, make sure to verify the data. i think it’s really important to do that. especially if you are using the dvd-writer for data storage, which i use it for :stuck_out_tongue:

i got hold of 7 Verbatim DVD-R’s
i used 5 so far
1 coaster im guessing that was becuase i was copying data from my dvd-rom which is on the ide controller and prolyl messed it up
i also have set my drive to PIO onyl and not DMA becuas ei heard that it dont work well on DMA

I have had excellent luck with the DRU500AX (2.0e firmware), using these specific (& ordered from this link) Ritek DVD-R, & also Ritek DVD+R, and these from Sears while looking for new powerdrill: Philips DVD+RW (2.4x) 5-Pack for $21.95, Philips DVD+R (2.4x) 3-Pack for $11.97.

No coasters with any of them out of at least 75 made with all brands.

I also never cease to be amazed that people think they can do other PC functions while burning…especially transferring files.

Rule #1 whlle burning a CD and especially a DVD, is don’t do anything else with your PC. You would be smart to close down your internet connection, disable your AV, firewall (Zone Alarm, etc.), close other programs, etc.

That assumes you put the device in the correct IDE-Primary or Secondary master or slave position in conjunction with the HD or other CD/DVD player/burners, set jumper on back of devices, connected the IDE cable with the correct pin connectors (blue to mobo; farthest to Master device; middle ribbon connector to Slave device). It also assumes you are using a NTFS file system, and that you have adequate hardware (CPU/RAM/etc.) to use the DVD burner, and that you did not install two different packet writing programs like Roxio’s Direct CD and Nero’s.

turning off your internet connection… damn you are extreme… i always surf the web or something while burnin… i agree about no file transfers though. dl and ul should be fine i think :stuck_out_tongue:

Several reasons for that. There are many Flash pop-ups, and other dynamic pages that can be a significant CPU hit while they load, and use your RAM. The entire Flash movie loads into RAM before you can watch it. Obviously these more strict guidelines are not as critical if you have a powerful system, but most people don’t.

Plus, there are also plenty of things to go do around the house for the 15-30 mins it takes to burn an image. I’m not so strict about burning CD’s, but I am with the cost of DVD-/+R.

Mainly I mention it because most people are not even aware of the issue. If you use DVDXcopy, you will see how strict their warnings are…not to even touch the computer after closing everything down…lol

may be you(PCStuff) are the one to ask. i just kinda started burin with verify on. do you do that??

another question. do you have any sort of opinion on DVD-RAM??? thanks

LOL…DVD-RAM is an obsolete technology. I hope you didn’t buy one. I also hate to say it, but Blu-Ray is also gonna replace DVD because of it’s 24GB per DVD capacity, and move to High Definition movies. Here is another main Blu-Ray site if you are interested.

Regarding verifying a burn either to CD or DVD, it is really only worth the extra time when you are backing up data, especially if you plan on deleting the original HD files. I do use it on both my Plextor 48x & Sony DRU500AX with data, and I also take the time to immediately run a verification process back through my Norton Ghost image before rebooting.

If you are doing other things, and the extra time doesn’t matter, there is nothing wrong with verifying…but once you know your hardware, software, using a given type of media, and follow the same procedures all works, there is little reason to have to verify.

I will also tell you that I ALWAYS burn CD-R’s for music at speeds of 8-16x even with my Plextor 48x, and using Verbatim or Mitsui 32X (or higher rated media). You get much more reliable (less skipping or distortions), and more compatible CD’s. In part this is due to the extra time spent burning the phase change, reduced rotational vibration related distortion, and more time for error correction during burning process.

As speeds increase on DVD burners, the same will very likely be true. Not enough has been written about the phenonomen yet. It is worth a few more minutes for me to preserve a great movie, music CD, or important file data.


I don’t think many people that just bought a dvd player afther years using a vhs will now buy a blue ray burner.

How should they play the movies burned on a bleu ray disk?

People don’t accept new technology that fast. That is why DAT and minidisk aren’t a big succes.

But ok…

I burn Princo at 2 speed with noo problem. DO you use the latest firmware?? If yes…you could try to flash it back to an older one. I read somewere that probably will help

cuz it just seems like in Japan, DVD-RAM seems to be more popular than other formats. some Japanese buy two dvd-burners cuz -RAM burns(transfer) slow. but eveyone says it’s much worth than other formats.

and I have a Sony DRU500AX so i don’t have -RAM on mine. i wouldn’t mind having one. :stuck_out_tongue:

and i’ve also heard Blu-Ray will not quite replace DVDs. i kinda agree with damiandimitri.

btw, MD players are a huge success in Japan. ppl there only buy those :stuck_out_tongue: I am in the US but I went back to Japan and bought myself a MZ-N10 MD Walkman and it rocks!! :slight_smile: Sony and Panasonic are doin MDs in Japan for copy protection stuff i think. (for music, may be they will replace CDs with MDs)

why do you use Princo?? i’ve never heard any good news about that media… :frowning: actually i know this guy who uses only Princo… he says it’s cheap and it doesn’t fail on him at all it seems…

i like md also…good sound…but it is hard to have all kinds of media at home. Better to have one standard

Yeah, the main reason for my comment about DVD-RAM is the lack of acceptance, compatibility…it is like the old Betamax (vs. VHS). But there are many examples of this…8-Track tapes, Vinyl LP’s, old 78 Vinyl records, laser disc vs. DVD.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times I only want to listen to some of my old vinyl LP’s on my Technics turntable…and feel that the K-Mart’ish attempt at digitalizing that wonderful & rich analog sound is sonically sinful.

As Blu-Ray technology develops, they are looking to develop backward reading (?writing?) compatibility with DVD/CD media, but once you see HDTV, and see the larger storage and quality recording capability, it will be similar in comparison of DVD vs. CD

Remember the main breakthrough of that technology is the shorter wavelength. When you read those two links I posted, you see the obvious benefits in quality. That’s why it is a winning technology…it’s benefits are radically better than compared to the minor difference between DVD-RAM vs DVD-/+ R/RW

The reason DVD-RAM will not be supported in the long run is the music and movie studios, and general public do not embrace it. Nothing against the Japanese/Pacific Rim countries, but I do not regard the Japanese market as a good barometer of widespread success of any particular technology.

Having the +/- R controversy is where the “VHS/BETA” wars are raging…there is just not enough improvement with DVD-RAM to have the public bother with yet another format war…Blu-Ray is different. It will be similar to DVD vs. CD which was obviously needed.

Are CD’s obsolete? No…but do I like having a DVD that can put a movie on one disc in a higher quality format than trying to put it on a compressed format on several CD’s? Of course.

Are there many 2-layer movies that will not completely fit on one DVD-/+ R/RW disc? Of course. Would I like a new media that would finally fit them on one? Of course. If Blu-Ray was ready, and affordable now I would buy it in a heartbeat.

PC,you must got some DEEP pockets!I,too have been reading up on the next big thing in DVD technology. In my latest Maximum PC,
it gave a short FAQ on Blu-Ray,and one of the points I remember
vividly was that currently Blu-Ray is only available in Japan (Kenshin,where are you),and a recorder of that type is priced at
$3800US!!!.It goes on to mention how it’s HD ready,and how it’s this,and how it’s that.In retrospect,my Sony DRU-500a has just become that much more valuable,because the day I spend a car down payment on a DVD recorder ,I need to be aligned with a Hollywood studio,and driving an s600!!! But that’s not to say you shouldn’t go for it!!!..:cool:
Oh yeah,and I saw your above statement

I also never cease to be amazed that people think they can do other PC functions while burning…especially transferring files.

I can do this without a problem,I guess this depends on the stability of your PC…