Sony DRU-500A: which sw to use?

Hi all,
anyone can advice a sw to use with this DVD recorder?
I’m using Nero but I can burn DVD at only 1x :frowning:
Thanks in advance

What are you trying to do? Burn image files, copy ps2dvd>dvdr, dvd5movie>dvdr, backup files to dvdr?


Hi mikehagen

The Nero Version you have should produce good results. You should also have RecordNow DX that came with the DVD Writer, Sony gives a free update to the version that they supply in their CD. As for the speed (that you report at 1x) most probably is due to the media you are using. You must be certain that the media you are using is able of greater speeds. Usually cheap media gives poor results (not always true). Further you may want to check which firmware you have in your drive, the latest is 2.0F (you can find a link on yesterday’s news at

Take care :stuck_out_tongue: