SONY DRU-500A - LiteON 163 - kprobe (bad quality at End)


i had bought a SONY DRU-500A.

After reading some tests in your Forum i bought some Verbatim DVD+R Media ( and some cheaper PrimeDisk DVD+R

Verbatims (2,4x / 4x) have MediaCode MMC and the PrimeDisc (2,4x) have RICOHJPN.

I have testet that DVD+Rs with kprobe 1.1.13 and 1.1.14

Verbatim 4x (Verbatim 2,4 same results)

PrimeDisk 2,4x

I have tested 2 or 3 DVD+Rs each.
Tested with firmeware 2.0e and 2.0f and set max reading speed to 8x and 4x, and they had all pretty same results. Only one have an Good Result (PI max: 45 and PO max: 13)

What do you thinkā€¦
Are the tallish PI/PO values at End of the Media caused by the Burner or my LiteON 163?!
(all the Media Tests in the Forum was made with 165H and 166S drives)