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Another review of the Sony DRU-500A has been posted to the internet. The Sony DRU-500A is currently one of the most wanted DVD drives available, mainly because it’s a CD-RW/DVD+RW/DVD-RW drive and…

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ok i’ve seen the reviews and think it sounds pretty good. But nowhere have i seen an estimate of the cost and nowhere have i been able to find it to buy. Is it not available in retail stores or on the internet yet?

In the US you can get it there: In the UK, Komplett and Dabs have delayed it by 3 weeks (End of November)… might be the same for the rest of Europe. has got a new review of ths drive as well. Seems nice… but I waiting for a x8 DVD Writer (+R/+RW of course!) … and made by Plextor… that would be sweeeet! :4 Saving for next year I reckon… Also recommended reading: and the best FAQ I’ve read so far…

oh, so expensive, i guess ill just wait for an 8x or 12x too. I am so impatient though. They need to hurry up…

This review has already been read by 22824 visitors on the 4th nov 2002 at 19u00 (gmt +1)… seems SONY is getting a lot of focus … The writer is already more than one week available in the Benelux countries, it’s even in the cd-freaks shopping list on :r

Can someone elaboratye on which media the Sony was able to burn at 2x.

The media they got working at 2x was Princo. I just got mine in yesterday, so I’ve been playing with it a bit myself. Everything I’ve been able to test so far has been rock steady. Even his complaint in the review that drive screws weren’t included is unfounded because in my case they were stapled to the packet with the manual. My only complaint is a cosmetic one: the drive is somewhat ugly. The silver plate on the front of the drive tray might look nice if the rest of the front bezel was also silver and matched its profile, but the rest of the bezel is white and the silver part has a large clear plastic panel mounted over it so the tray portion sticks out quite a bit further than the rest of the face. Again, since the bezel is actually white instead of the standard beige (as my case happens to be) or silver it matches neither the case or the rest of the drive. Like I said, it’s a nitpicky gripe as the hardware itself performs excellently compared to its main competitor the Pioneer A05, but since Sony is typically known for style it is a little unexpected. The box pic and screenshots make it look a lot prettier than it is in real life.:8

Best Buy has it for 349.99 US dollars.

My point exactly… I thought i was the only one but, now that Del_Usion mentioned it… Sony DRU-500A Looks terrible(even worst than the ps2). On the box and on paper it looks so good. Even when i brought it out of the box it was ok. Until I installed it i realize how awful it looked, also how faurstrating the little eject botton was. …Before i got Sony Dru-500A, i previously had Phillps 228 which looks better(blue and green neon lights on the front) and works better(more compatible with most of the popular burning programs out). But i always wanted the sony Dru-500A because 4x capability(oh ya sony…thanx for not including the 4x media with the drive… next time please write on the box “CAUTION NO 4X DVDR+/- INCLUDED”) and all the hype that previews that made the drive sell. Performance wise arcodding to the reviews this drive is ok. I hope a firmware will be available soon. Overall I gave this drive a 6/10 in my opinion :r

I own this drive as well. I like overall. Dvd read speeds are slow tho. Cant wait for some 4x media as well!!!