Sony DRU-500A and SIIG ata-133 card




Just bought and Installed the sony drive, I connected the drive to the SIIG ATA-133 IDE Card as a slave with Maxtor 40 gb hd as a master, the computer booted alright, but after I tried to insert the RW media that came with the drive. the computer rebooted, and keep on rebooted for some time.

I tried to play a DVD film on it - worked alright last time I tried to use the RW media the computer rebooted until I disconnected the DRU-500A from the IDE cable.

my Configut=ration :

P4 1500 512 MB RDRAM
onboard IDE : primary master WD 120 gb
primary slave WD 120 gb
secondary master : Yamaha CRW-F1 (burner)
secondary slave : Philips DVD/CD-rw Combo
SIIG ATA-133 Card - primary master MAXTOR 40 gb
slave Sony DRU-500A
secondary master WD 80 GB
slave none
both HD on the ATA Card are removable (disk draws)

any suggestion ?



Try removeing one of the other drives. Sounds like you have a power problem. if it works after one of the other drives are disconnected then you will need a bigger power supply.


You have 2 hard disks on the same controller and 2 cd/dvdrom drives on one and the same controller.
This is a setup that works, but not efficient.

If you want to copy on-the-fly, it’s better if the reader is slave and on another IDE port than the recorder, which should be master.

I assume your Sony DRU500 is your main CD/DVD Writer, and not the Yamaha:

e.g.: Motherboard:
primary master: WD 120 gb (bootable HD)
primary slave: Philips DVD/CD-rw Combo
secondary master : Sony DRU-500A
secondary slave : WD 120 gb

SIIG ATA-133 Card -
primary master: Yamaha CRW-F1 (burner)
slave: WD 80 GB
secondary master: MAXTOR 40 gb

(I assume this controller card supports CD-drives and not just hard disks. Otherwise you need to switch the Yamaha with the WD 120 gb on the IDE2)



Hi again,

It’s seems tht the SIIG ATA 133 card behave like a SCSI device,
actualy in device manager its appear as a SCSI card,

the actual behvour of my computer was like a SCSI chain without termination. I actualy saw the pilot light on the Master disk before the machine crash.

so I changed the configuration
booard 1st IDE 2 WD 120 gb
2nd IDE Master Yamaha burner CRW-F1
Slave the new Sony DRU-500A

SIIG Card 1st IDE 40 GB By Maxtor and Toshiba DVD Player
2nd IDE WD 80 GB

yes, I replaced the philips combo drive, I don’t use it as a burner and the toshiba is faster (X12 ?)

there’s no power problem this machine use to have 3 more SCSI drives. (that’s the reason I know SCSI Problems - I use to have them at home and ont the Servers at work)

thanks for your comments


Yosi Sender


The Hard disc and CD rom shouldn’t be connected to the same IDE controller. The CD rom only runs at ATA33 while a hard disc runs at up to ATA133. They will work together but the controller will default to the slower unit which is the CD/DVD rom running at ATA33 which will result in your hard disc running much slower than it is capable of.