Sony Dru-500 Helllllp?

Up until now ive burned 200 dvd successfully. I just replaced my motherboard, ram type and case, reinstalled xp pro (SP1), and now all the sudden every dvdr i try and burn fails in different manners with different programs. NERO doesnt make it past 1 min, it says communication failure. and THIS is weird, dvd decrypter makes it to 99% and then fails BUT ok, i attempted to burn 4.37gb or a FULL dvdr and like i said it makes it to 99% then fails but looking at the disk it is only HALF burned. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE someone, ANYONE… help me???

You do not mention mobo type but on my intel rig installing the IAA gives problems with the 500a .
Also have you could disable IMAPI cd burning in services as this might help.
Good luck

You could also go to the firmware site (noted elsewhere on the site),and possibly change what doesn’t seem to be working for you…Good Luck

Its a promise technology motherboard and i still havent got it working it wont make it past 10-20% and fails but it WILL burn full cdr like svcd and data… (on cdr) so weird. and i have tried everything, thanks to everyone for their help but it seems i am still no better off.