Sony DRU-190S blinking Light

I need help regarding a DRU-190s drive after a flash accidentally i have erased the eeprom file and my drive is now dead.
Can anyone please send me the EEProm file for the fore mentioned drive so i can repair it.


I’m moving your thread into the Sony/Lite-on forum where you should get better help.

The EEPROM is specific to your drive and has calibration data in it for your drive, so some one elses EEPROM COULD work, however from what i’ve been told it wont work as well as it would with the original…

Thanks for the reply.

At this point i have nothing to lose.
So any one who has an eeprom file and wiling to share i will be grateful.

Nobody has an eeprom file for DRU-190S ???

Come on a little help over here…PLEASE …

I have searched the web i cant find it anywhere, this is my only hope to recover this drive.

Try to search AD-7190S or DH-20A3S flash and eeprom files… Maybe it will be easier

Here is a copy of an EEPROM from 20A3S.

Thank you, finally these eeprom files are impossible to find.
It looks promising i will give it a try tonight

[B]SOLVED !!![/B]

The eeprom file worked like a charm, the drive is alive again and with good results.
The firmware used is:
dh20a3s 9V6D-HT743.patched-fr-scr

Thank you all for your help.
“KTL” you are the best!

Some tests i did:

Excellent, glad I was able to help out. :clap: