Sony DRU-190A crossed flashed to liteoneDH20A3p



Ok i have a a Sony dru-190A about 2 months know i relize it would give me problem reading media every know and then that i brun with it or give me problem reading CD and dvd RW even when i burned on slow speed

so i crossed flashed to DH20A3p adn well it seem a bit better but still i burned a dis k with it when it had the sony FW and know whn i put the disk in with the Liteone FW i have to put it it like 5 or 6 time before it picks up the disc and sometime it get really got whn it can’t read the disk


i owned a liteon SHW- can;t remmber the exact model number and it lasted for 4 years with out give me any problem read any type media that i threw at it and burnd everything really good


i m also facing the same problem. m having sony DRU-190A…it takes ages to copy a DVD…bout 40 mins…initially it was fine//used to take 7-10 minutes for copying a 4.7gb DVD…but now it takes almost 40 minutes. also it take bout 50minutes for writing a dvd.plzzzzzzzz help


Hello phil2234, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

See the link in my signature (“How to check/enable DMA”), and make sure UDMA Mode is enabled for all your drives.


wany, did you try updating Sony firmware before cross flash? That’s what I’d have tried first. Recently I read a thread here where user cross flashed a Memorex drive to 20A3P and eventually flashed back to original drive firmware due to problems after cross flash to LiteOn. I and others have corss flashed LiteOn drives to Sony with no problems posted yet, but I’ve seen a number pf problems posted for cross flash Sony or Memorex to LiteOn for what ever reason.


thnx for reply buddy.i hv already enabled DMA …mode for all my drives…as is aid…i was not facing any such problem when i bought it…it been bout a month since i hv been facing this problem. tried many forums…butmy frnds suggested me to join here…and tats why m here…


i hvn’t flashed it yet…where can i get the update…from…i hv tried manual…update from device manager…all it does it install the driver from system32…


plzzz help me guys…


when i tried to uninstall the ram drive …nuthing happens and my pc freezes…help me guys


i donno which tools do i need to flash my sony DVD RAM…and where to get the flashing files…i would like to try to flash it with lite on firmware…plzz help me do that