Sony DRU-120c

I saw these on sale at CompUSA. The picture on the box looks about right and the specs look very similar to the SHM-165P6S and DW-G120a (16x +R/-R, 5x DVD-RAM, 8x +R DL, 6x -R DL, etc.) Does anyone know what this drive is? Since I can’t seem to find the DW-G120/121 for sale in the USA, I wonder if this is the same drive renumbered for the US market?


it is not impossible, that they sell DW-G120A under that name in U.S. but it is confusing as there existed a DRU-120A a couple of years ago. That drive can also be something else with same specs. If you want to get a Liteon, then get an original one, so you know what you get. And I think, there shouldn’t be a problem getting that drive.


Here is a link to the drive in question (on CompUSA’s website). The drive pictured on the box itself dows seem to take on a styling to the one that Sony uses for its OEM Lite-On drives. Normally, it’s retail drives are shipped with boxes that display the fancy cream/white/silver faceplate. It’s also worth noting that (at least when using BenQ drives) the black faceplate is not that styled (read: flat). The pricing for this drive is also different from Sony’s other pride and joy of the moment (at only 70 dollars). I must say, though, Sony really should have found a better way to do the nomenclature for these drives. I guess they think the “C” at the end will help, though? :confused:

According to this, these drives are supposedly going on sale at CompUSA for $24.99 on Black Friday (i.e. the day after Thanksgiving) so I plan to try buying one, and I’ll post the answer if it hasn’t been established by then.

Combine the sale price with the $20 MIR, and that might mean you get a Lite-On 165 for $4.99. I think I’d better get there early :).

This is the same box they use for their DW-G120A-BC here in Germany. DW-G120A comes in three flavours:

[li]DW-G120A (OEM bulk; available in different colors)
[/li][li]DW-G120A-BR (Brown Box version)
[/li][li]DW-G120A-BC (Retail version)
Both “Boxed” models are only available in Black; the frontplate is Liteon-style.



I just picked up one of these drives at CompUSA (got the last one in the store).

The drive is reported by the BIOS as a Sony DW-G120a, with firmware MYR5. I got the drive for $24.99 after rebate, so I’m pretty happy.


Nice! That firmware isn’t even available at (There they offer MYR4 and MYS6). You should make a backup of that FW using C0deking’s Flash Utility.
Also, I suspect that this firmware - like MYS6 - is newer than Liteon’s MS0P for their SHM-165P6S.


Doh! Sorry, I already flashed to MYS6, so I’m afraid my copy of MYR5 is lost to posterity. Hopefully someone else out there got one of these drives and can save off a copy of MYR5. Sorry 'bout that.

Can this drive be crossflashed to a Liteon?

Sure, with 165P6S from

Thanks, I just came back from CompUSA and of course they are sold out. At least
I know now if they go on sale anywhere else to snatch one up. $4.99 would of been a
steal for one.

So, it’s for sure the DRU-120C is really a rebadged 165P6S?

If it identifies itself as a DW-G120A upon installation like [B]Metaluna[/B]'s, there’s no doubt.

I paid $44.99 for mine on Friday morning, so, after rebate, it only comes to $24.99. They seem to have marked them down another $20 after the initial Black Friday rush, but I can’t imagine there were very many left at that point.

Well, cross some fingers for me boys. If I’m lucky enough to get one that’s identified as the DW-G120A, that’ll round out a nice little burner/scanner arsenal. :slight_smile:

There is no need for crossflashing to Liteon firmware, as Sony’s MYR5 (that’s what the drive apparently comes with) and MYS6 are newer than Liteon MS0P.


This might be a newbie question.
I got one and installed it in my PC. But it is burning very slow, taking more than 50 mins. Mine is a P4 2.8, has 1G RAM. I checked the device settings and it says DMA if available. I am using Nero 7 to burn. It shows 16x as the writing speed. For the jumper I am using cable select. I tried using slave and it was also taking very long. I tried 3 different dvds and all of them take the same amount of time. What could be the problem??

Underneath “DMA if available” does it also say “Ultra DMA Mode 4”?

Welcome to CDFreaks :slight_smile:

In the current transfer mode option - it says Not applicable

Then you’re looking in the wrong place. Not applicable means there’s nothing connected there. Hard disks are Ultra DMA Mode 5 or 6, optical drives are 2 or 4. Your Sony works best in 4 with 80-wire ribbon cable.

Have you checked the jumper position on the back of the drive before installing? Is there another drive connected to the same ribbon cable?