Sony DRU-120C Drive's are killin me softly

Sounds like I’m having some of the same issue’s murphyw was with the exception of a damaged Win XP. I can only assume this having a new install on two fresh WD Raptor HD’s that are happily raided. (Best HD config ever!) Anyway, I’m what some might call a noob in the IT world but I do my best. Afterall, that’s why I’m here posting right? :iagree: I recently purchased two Sony DRU-120C drives to replace two older drives. At the price I paid w/ the added rebate I thought why not buy two burners?

My issue’s arose right away when both drive’s failed to read or write anything which made it impossilbe to install the bundled software! My OS saw the drives the 1st time around and nothing more after that. I see the drives in the device manager as “Sony DVD RW DW-120A” and the box clearly says “Sony DRU-120C”. I read something about these possibly being rebadged Lite-On drives? Why Sony would mislabel this drive is beyond me. I looked under properties and found this “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)”
Could the driver be missing? Win XP should be able to support this plug and play drive just fine. I double checked the setting’s in BIOS to make sure everything was set to auto/enabled. Updating, disabling and uninstalling either one of the drives does’nt do any bit of good. The update wizard for the driver’s simply scans my empty floppy as well. Any input is GREATLY appreciated.