Sony Drives

Are Sony CDRW drives junk? It looks as if the new 52/24/52 is clone cd supported correct efm where my Plextor 48/24/48 is not does not I love my plex and plextools for audio but I want something that can write everything also I can get the Sony locally for $ 90.00 - a $20.00 rebate = $70.00

Sony CRX210, 215, and 220 are lite-on’s.

Thanks, I will buy it then…

I’m contemplating buying the CRX220A1, but can’t find a whole lot of information on it.

I see lots of info on the E1, but don’t know if this is the same drive, most of the info on the E1 appears to be pre-release or an older slower drive.

I’ve read the 220 series is really Liteon, but can’t verify this for the A1 model, nor can I find out which Liteon drive it might be.

The only 220 series listed on CloneCD’s compatibility charts is a CRX220E2, which I can’t find ANY info on.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

CRX220A1 is what it is called on the box. When you open it up and install the drive, it will be detected as a CRX220E1. So far I have not heard of Sony using anything but Lite-ON for their CRX220 model.

I can verify that dhc, bought the drive today. I will be playing with it to see what it really is firmware-wise. Will keep you posted!

Ok, the drive for sure is a LiteOn 52246S with sony’s 6ys1 firmware.

I’m sure this question is best placed in one of the other forums, but… how do I tell version info between Sony’s 6ys1 and the LiteOn firmware? I guess what I’m trying to get around to here is which firmware is best for this drive? I’ve already backed up the stock firmware, so I’m not scared of playing around, but I’d like to eliminate un-necessary steps.

Thanks for the help!

Just go for the latest LTR-52246S firmware. Maybe use the modified one here if you want to keep the Sony name.