Sony dos not honor their warranties



lost most control of my fingers so pleaqe bear with me, it hurts like hell 2 type.

i purchased a sony dru-810a as some ofu know if you have read my past emails.i purchased thedrive only because it supposdly burned verbatim DVD+R DL media at 8x. my sony drives DRU-810a failed to produce good burns at 8x.
they wanted me to try their own test software an the current sony drive Failed their own test. i purchased over 100 buxs of the only media they recomend verbatim, i tried verbatim 2.4x, then 2.4-6x certified mediia then verbatim 2.4x -8x certified media. it failed all tests. hre is one of the emails i received

This drive was exchanged and replaced with a brand new drive. Your having the same issues as you did with the first drive. It is very unlikely to have 2 drives with the same issues. We recommend using Verbatim/Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd. This is the same brand we use for testing. You will need to install this drive on a second system for further testing. We are not trying to play games with you, Sir. We are trying to help you resolve your issues. By sending a 3rd drive, will not resolve your issue at all. I do apologize for this inconvenience.

Supervisor of Technical Support


how stupid was that? then the wanted me 2 try maxell 2.4 media even though its no on their certified media test and when i called in and asked about it the tech said no dont do that.

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From: Ron Shaw
To: Amanda @ Sony Support
Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2006 2:06 PM
Subject: Re: Sony drive

lost most control of my fingers so pleaqe bear with me, it hurts like hell 2 type.

i We had you send in your first drive and we tested it with our media and didn’t have a problem - (BULL)
what media did u use and was it tested at 8x? i doubt u used the recommended verbatim media @8x.

use the only media Sony rcommends on their site is Verbatim DL media.i have never heard of Maxwell DL media. is it 8x?
there is definately something wroong here i’ve spent at 100 buxs on the 8X DLmedia YOU (Sony ecommends)
and where do u suggest i purchase this 8x DL media YOU say i should use?
i’ve dealt with, medialine, supermedia store and others? come on man, my drive is bad it doesnt burn DVD+R media either although i bouht this drive 2 handle Dl media at 8X. again your site only showed Verbtim media for Dl.

So where can i purchase this so called 8x DL media?

btw your site still recommends the verbatim DL9492KIT6 media.

look sir, i am bedridden & terminal plese dont play games with me.- i dont have the time
u say the drive from me worked fine i can guarentee you didnt test it using verbaim DVD+R DL at 8x did u? nope

Ronald Shaw
RTS Electronics

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From: Amanda @ Sony Support
Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2006 10:16 AM
Subject: Sony drive

Dear Ronald,

We had you send in your first drive and we tested it with our media and didn’t have a problem. We suggest trying another brand of dual layer media such as Maxell DL media. Please let us know if you have problems with the suggested DL media.

Please visit our website at for all the
latest upgrades and up to date FAQ’s.

Please include previous emails in all replies so we may better assist you.

Thank You
Sony Technical Support

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