Sony: Don’t upgrade your PC to Windows 10



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Sony warns Vaio laptop owners to not upgrade to Windows 10 yet. The company is unable to guarantee compatibility with Microsoft’s latest operating system and is still testing. Possible issues could be corrupt drivers and software, according to the electronics giant.

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That should be “Common Sense” already. If there isn’t Win10 driver support then one shouldn’t even go that route. As most older computer past 1-2 years most likely will not receive updated drivers for it that is verified working in Win10.


It seems to me that computer manufactures don’t often provide drivers for newer OS’s, unless the computer is new (as CoolColors said above). However, Manufactures of individual components (video cards, audio cards, etc.) will probably provide their own drivers. That said, it’s probably a good idea to take careful note of what hardware devices you have, and where you can get newer drivers, before you install a new OS. Once you old OS is gone, figuring out what kind of hardware you have can be very difficult (at least until after you have the right drivers installed).


I’m not surprised. It’s my experience that Sony’s laptops have been particularly bad when it comes to proprietary hardware and proprietary drivers. For example, I’ve seen Sony laptops with Windows Vista which have been impossible to upgrade to Windows 7 or downgrade to Windows XP for the lack of suitable drivers.