Sony DMR 47 (DVD+R)

Hi there!

I’m usually always buying Verbatim MMC 004 media, but currently I just don’t have the money to spare so I was looking at cheaper alternatives. Damrotech currently has two different types of Sony media in the store, the usual D21 ones and “DMR 47”.

They are 3€ cheaper for a 100 spindle. I coulnd’t find any information about them on the net though. The blank media scan subforum also does have no scans of these at all, as far as I can see.

Does anyone have any information or experience with this media?

DMR 47 is not a Sony media code. If the media is labeled as Sony, it’s some kind of weird licensing scheme, because the media isn’t made by or for Sony.

Are you sure that’s the media code, or just some ID that’s printed somewhere? Until you actually buy the media and check the code, you won’t know for sure.

I think “DMR 47” is her/his standalone dvd recorder…

I would try with those media, but not faster than 8x (if thats even possible).

The ‘DMR 47’ is part of the product number for Sony’s 16X DVD-R(mid: SONY16D1) printed on the outside packaging, eg. on my 100 spindle(Taiwan), it is ‘100DMR47LS4’. The 16X +R (D21) is DPR47.

Sorry for the late reply, didn’t check the thread daily.

Damrotech has that listed as the media code at a different price than normal D21 blank discs:

So you think they just took the wrong part of the name for the media code?

Yeah, this time damrotech got an user input error… :smiley:

Well, good shop anyway.