SONY DL, Take Back?

I got one of the $30 25 pack spindles from Staples on a price match (BB had them on sale last week). I have not opened them. They are Made in Taiwan. Are these Ritek and should I just take them back? I have used Verb DL in the past, only ones I’ve ever tried, seems some people have trouble with the Riteks (if it is Ritek).

For Sony DL, the following is what you will typically find:

Made in Taiwan= Ritek [or Ricoh, manufactured in Ritek’s facilities]; generally hard to burn, though some specific burners do okay with the higher quality batches of these media. [Ritek or Ricoh media codes]

Made in Singapore=Mitsubishi [the same thing as Verbatim’s media of the same rated speeds]; generally high quality & high compatibility across the board, even on some of the lesser batches of the media. [MKM media codes]

So I would take them back, and see if there is any Sony Made in Singapore DL media left [getting the same brand with the same packaging might make the return/exchange easier]. & I think many others would agree. :flower:

I did look for MIS, all they have and all I’ve ever seen are MIT. I think I’m going to spring for the $40 20 pack from newegg Verb DL, no sense screwing around.

Yes, I would return. The MIS are out there, you just have to watch for them.

The 25 cake box has been reported of having this UPC/EAN Code 02724266326

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Do take back and exchange for some MIS Sony DVD+R DL!!!
I managed to find one after looking in two stores…


I don’t trust Ritek to manufacture proper single layer discs let alone the black magic that is double layer.

I don’t know what I was thinking…

In my experience, Ritek-made Ricoh DVD+R is among the most consistant and stable single layer media you can get!


RICOHJPN R03 has treated me well so far, although I’ve only had a 50 pack in 2005 that were made in Japan and now Ritek Taiwan made 5 pack jewel case [Both Memorex]. I’ve seen some poor results with it, though, with poor batches. Quite like Ricoh’s DL media, the SL has varied support & varied quality based on who supports it best and which brand name it is/the quality of the discs themselves. [Also worth noting, older drives just can’t swing it; newer drives are ‘learning’ to handle it, though.]

With that said, Sony seems to only slap its brand on higher grade discs of any type [of course, they miss a few discs here and there]. I honestly considered getting a 25 pack yesterday, regardless to the fact that they were Taiwan based. I think it was mostly hoping that Sony has a sort of a quality control on the media and only got the best of the best [since they do the same for it’s in-house SL media, passing anything sub-par on to be sold as OEM, and they get some pretty nice batches of TY]. I will actually willingly subject myself to the torture and get a spindle of it next trip to the store to see if that’s true with the Taiwanese DL. But I will surely be using Singapore for my main burning needs & distribution.

They are not widely found in areas yet as most stores still have a large stock of MIT left, but dont get me wrong I’m sure there out there, but I’m sure there are more places without them right now.