Sony DL media @ Best Buy on sale



This week Best Buy is selling a 25-pack of 2.4x dual-layer media, by Sony (Model: 25DPR85LS1).

Does anyone know the true manufacturer?

Sony Dual-Layer Media


Interesting… judging by the price its a ritek or smth. Do u no where its made?


i am afraid to try it


Sony DL disks are made by Ritek/Ricoh (Made in Taiwan) and Verbatim/Mitsubishi (Made in Singapore). MIS disks have yet to be found at Best Buy in North America, but you should drop by your local store and check anyway. You may get lucky.


where are the BestBuy Verb DLs made?


i’ve seen both mit and mis at best buy.

i can confim that mis best buy are verbs.


You mean Mitsubishi Chemicals, right? :wink:


yes. i thought verbs = Mitsubishi Chemicals/mkm/etc


Ah okay somewhere in the thread there was a disjoint between the Sony and Verbatim I thought we were still talking about MKM Sonys. :wink:


so bottom line
sony DL MIS are very rare
but the verb DL are the super MIS and are easily available currently


All the Best Buy stores here in the Seattle area seem to have only the MIT discs. But, I broke down and got a spindle. They aren’t as good as the Verbs, but I burned one on my Liteon 1693 and one on my Plextor 716. Here are the scans, both done with Plextools.


Yeah, that part I got. :wink:


pack of 2 and pack of 5 are Made in Singapore and you should know what that means, MKM. The spindle is more likely MIT, so no bite for me


Staples had them for $59.99 so i just had them price match Best Buy then I used 3 ink coupons so the grand total was $27.54 out the door. As long as they work it’s worth $1.10 each to me.


Post the disc info when you get a chance.


Ritek as expected. Scanned terribly (64% quality score) when burned with my NEC ND-3550@ND-4551. I am gonna try burning it with my Lite-On SOHW 1693 and see how it looks.


I know this is an older thread but I had some DL sony media from staples, its all gone after that week, but it was Verbatim and it was awesome. Anyone know where to get Sony DL media in Canada anymore?


No idea but Futureshop has been having some crazy sales on the MKM D/L Verbatims every few weeks. Just a week or two ago they had the 20 packs for $25CDN. Can’t even get them that cheap here in the US.


I sure wish they would start the sales on the 8x DL Verbatim media, the 2.4x stuff is painfully slow.
I wanted to know about the Sony Dl media because not only did it give me just great results, but its rated at 2.4x but was able to go to 8x on my LG 4167.
Thanks for your reply.
One more thing do I have to watch out for the Verbatim DL “Made in…” location? Or do we not get the luxury of a choice?


Just before Christmas, BB did have a sale on 8x + DL Verbatim media, perhaps another one will come some time.