Sony DL 700 Question

This is going to be a dumb question but here it goes. Can writing to cheap media cause damage to the DVD burner? I have two Sony 700s. One I use for reading movies and then though DVD Shrink I use the other to write the movies. I live in Okinawa Japan and I get cheap media at 50 Blank DVDs for $35 US. for a while the DVDs were burning great. Then all of a sudden they started causing errors? I have tested with other (better) media and it seems to work ok and even used the cheap media in my other 700 and it seems to burn ok but my one drive keeps giving me errors on the cheap stuff. So two questions:
1.) can cheap media cause damage to my drive?
2) why would it work with the cheap media for a while then start producing errors on every dvd I write now?


Two 700A’s? Wow.

Cheap media should not damage the drive. There is speculation that a drive will “learn” and “adapt” to the media that it burns. So it might be possible that after burning a lot of cheap media, the drive learned the wrong thing.

But that’s only speculation. More likely, what happened is that the quality varied within the batch of media (a common thing to have happen), and one of the burners was just better suited for that.

Have you tried updating to the latest [thread=98683]VY05 firmware[/thread]?

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