Sony DL 16X DVD burner

Here is a burner that I found from Sony, are these any good. I have a regular Sony DVD burner and it has been ok for me.:

That is a BenQ 1670 clone–definitely not your best bet. There are plenty of threads around on that if you want to search.

I’d recommend you try to find a BenQ 1640 or 1650 at CompUSA. The linked burner is a rebadged drive that might be a 1640 or 1650. You need to go to the store to find out. On the bottom of the box near the UPC, look for “DW1640” or “DW1650” and buy it. You may have to get them to look up the sale on their computer. The $30 MIR should print when the box is scanned, but the $20 instant rebate probably will not.

I purchased one of these a couple of weeks ago. Mine is a rebadged Lite-on 165P6S. A very good drive. :slight_smile:

Litey, that’s what I thought it was, after doing a little research. I’ll find out for sure in a few days tho.

Well, Sony does not make the drive, they stop making red laser optical drive a few years back and started pursuing blue laser optical drives. So anything in the box for sure is either a lite-on, or a BenQ, or a Toshiba/Samsung drive. 16X rated 820A could be a BenQ 1670, one of the worse BenQ, prolly better than Q60, but it could also be a Litey since BenQ stop their production. And under sony Brand, you pay a little extra for that brand, paying for an orange and getting a lemon, why not get the lemon in the first place, save you the money