Sony ditches illegal flyposting

I just posted the article Sony ditches illegal flyposting.

  GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that Sony has  agreed to stop all illegal fly posting around London after it received Anti  Social Behaviour Orders against its executives. ...
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A little translation from U.K. English to English is helpful here. Illegal flyposting is the illegal posting of large adhesive advertising flyers on someone else’s property presumably without their permission. ASBOs is an acronym for anti-social behaviour (behavior) orders.

lol, UK English to English??? WTF! UK English is the proper English, you meant English to American. :r

Never heard of fly posting. I learned something today.

English to American. We can’t help all our long words :d

does “Proper English” really exsist? I think your kidding us:S

Thanks for the UK English to English translation. :B

And I thought that they were painting flys with their advertisements. Go figure. :wink:

for a minute there I thought insects needed BIOS code to POST…