Sony Discs Manufactures by Taiyo Yuden?

Are the Sony discs manufactured by Taiyo Yuden? If so, they’re preety good quality then I guess.

Only certain Sony discs are manufactured by TY - the US members can tell you more about that.

Over here in England, TY Sony discs are as rare as hens’ teeth.


Scroll down abit for which Sony’s are made by TYclick me

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Is this true? On it states Sony’s manufactured by Taiyo Yuden. So, Sony DVD-R discs should be good for PS2 backups?

[B]Some[/B] Sony discs are manufactured by TY. Mostly 8x+R MIJ, but there is some 8x-R MIJ and 16x-R MIJ out there.

P.S. 8x Sony MIJ is difficult to find anymore.

We said something like that in the OP’s other thread.

But thanks for confirming it, jhtalisman…especially since you’re from the US, where the TY Sonys can be found. :slight_smile:

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Just found a 25 piece cakebox of Sony DVD+Rs. I think they’re Taiyo Yuden’s because they’re made in Japan. Is that true? Or does Sony have other manufacturers in Japan?

Once again i’ll post this link for you which is at the very top of this blank media forum. All your answers are there just take a few minutes and read through it. Taiyo Yuden FAQ :wink:

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