SONY disappears and disguises!

I have a Sony DVD (model DRU-820A) RW …6 or 5 months ago it was disappearing and appearing from My Computer (I use Windows XP) …but when it appears it was working well.
I thought there’s something wrong with its firmware…so i decided to update it from 1.0b to 1.0c and the SHOW BEGINS here…besides disappearing and appearing ,my freaky DVD decided to disguise …i’m serious. When i r-click on it-when it’s there in My Com.-in the tab >>Hardware,it exactly looks like that (SONI DFD RG DRE-(2 A)…and the funniest part here that it has another name in the Motherboard (A FOXCONN 945 MB)exactly like that (TvT RWO DRU=820Q 00) .
Wat is DFD or Tvt? honestly i dunno. It should b DVD that’s all i know.

Actually i don’t have any problems with the new names…BUT my DVD stopped working …when i put a cd or dvd ,it freezes the whole PC.

i tried many solutions and nothing

-I tried to roll back the firmware update.(i couldn’t)
-i tried from Device Manager to change the driver, it works only once.
-i tried to reinstall the firmware update…it just come with a message (The Drive is not allowed to be updated)
-i tried to downgrade the firmware to 1.0b but it didn’t come with the message in the same time the update progress bar did not move for about 2 or 3 hours -usually the update process takes 2 or 3 minutes-.

it can’t read or write any cd or dvd.

Plz if u have any kind of suggestions let me know

[B]I WORKED THE PROBLEM OUT[/B] u can check this