Sony develops a 3-wavelength Blu-ray/DVD/CD pick-up head

I just posted the article Sony develops a 3-wavelength Blu-ray/DVD/CD pick-up head.

 Up until now the optical head in Blu-ray drives could only operate with  Blu-ray media due to the wavelength of the laser.  Multi-format drives which handle Blu-ray  and CD/DVD required a...
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It won’t become cheaper with this tech since Sony will charge royalties galore and their brand of Media Players cost a fortune.

Well Sony are best avoided as a brand anyway, although their productsa are generally good, well designed etc. they tend not to last very long, so you pay premium dollar for a product with a short life…better to buy ‘cheapo’ that way if it goes wrong before it’s time you’re not out of pocket, but perhaps more importantly, all too often the cheapo products outlast the expensive kit! There is an argument that says Sony might not overcharge for royalties though, they want Bluray to succeed over HD-DVD, simple as that.

It would be nice to have a Super drive that reads and writes everything from CD to Blu-Ray, but I couldn’t agree more about Sony and their products…they do not last long, and cost a lot initially.

doubt ps3 will use this technology - ps3 is suppost to be out next year in japan and im pretty sure blu-ray will still be too expensive for sony to use.

I just hope it won’t be that “super” and “successfull” as Sony’s PS2 pick-ups… “Quality” is not the suitable word that I would say when talking about Sony optical products and about their real quality… I have never seen so many troubles that for example PS2 itself has when handling DVD-R, DVD+R disks (not to mention rewritables) and NO, I don’t talk about backups, but movies also will kill these laser in a short period, and have yet to see a PS2 laser that survived a two year old ACTIVE period… And they advert the machine as for playing movies, etc… What should I expect from a machine that dies in two months when used with original movies + original games, what will that do when it is used with rewritables as they advertise it on the box ??? I say, Sony sucks, and I will never trust them anymore, no matter what they develop (and promise), they just want the money and nothing else. regards, Stephen

PlayStation 3 will NOT be released next year. Believe me when I say this.
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I guess it depends. My first PS2 died. But I have lots of friends that use their PS2 to watch DVD all the time and play lots of games, and theirs are still top notch.

It won’t be but the Xbox 2 will and thats why Xbox will get a big head start this time :B

Gristy - I think you are being a bit too general with your comment about Sony. Sony products do last a long time. I’ve had sony tv’s, camcorders, mini disc players, discmans, vcr’s, monitor and none have ever broke. Maybe PS2 doesnt last long but that would be the exception to the rule and not the norm. Later.

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