Sony developing new Walkman audio player



I just posted the article Sony developing new Walkman audio player.

Unconfirmed rumors indicate Sony plans to introduce a new touchscreen Walkman next month during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The new touchscreen MP3 player is being…

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WoW! What a novel and tech pushing idea! How does Sony and all these other prople come up with such innovation? This is like nothing I have ever seen!!! And- did I read the article right…it features a touch screen?!? BRILLIANT! Now, how will they lock it down to the point of uselessness and what rootkittted software will I need to install on my box to access this electronic marvel? What proprietary Sony formats will it support?


hmmmm, do i hear a note of sarcasm in that post, crabby? lol!


I see that Crabbleappleton is going to buy at least two of these bad boys after they’re released! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not going to be quite as cynical as Crabby, but agree that Sony is trying to jump into the market a bit too late. Sony may have a powerful brand name, but other companies attempting to steal market share from Apple and its iPod just haven’t been very successful.


I don’t buy products from Sony or Apple because of the proprietary nature of these companies. They do make excellent products. I see the PS3 in the stores and it has excellent graphics. I don’t know about the playability because I don’t play console games.

I like the idea of some high quality MP3 players coming out to compete with Apple. The market is stagnant right now with shiny innovation but not much usability innovation.


Sony is overpriced garbage riding on a rep that is decades old. Sony should just go away.