Sony delivers the first 240Hz LCDs November 10

Sure Samsung had 240Hz (and wavier hair) first, but with its TVs stuck in development until 2011, Sony’s back with another first / best of the night in the W1 series display, packing four times the speed of previous LCD HDTVs, and double that of the new 120Hz your best friend just picked up.



No discernable difference according to IEEE reviewer :wink:

The only difference is apparent when compared with a really crap/old or dodgy brand version 120Hz TV :stuck_out_tongue:

And some manufactuers are cheating anyway - instead of refreshing the LCD pixels, which is the actual problem, they are switching the backlight off instead at 120Hz, in between 120Hz pixel refreshes

Call me silly, but I suspect switching the backlight on & off 120x per second will put much thermal stress on the components, and will cause this TV to fail earlier than Real 240Hz TV’s that actually refresh the pixels 240x per second :stuck_out_tongue:

IMHO they haven’t even got 120Hz perfected yet. So now the manufacters race is on to get the most marketing hype and the consumer gets screwed buying unproven technology. BTW will I have to get a 240Hz capable HDMI cable and reciever to make it work properly?:stuck_out_tongue:

Then you should get a chuckle out of this.

[B][U]LG Display Unveils Trumotion - 480hz LCD TV Panel -4ms[/U][/B]

[B]Link: [/B]


You’d better ask MONSTER … I’m sure they have 120Hz & 240Hz compliant HDMI V1.3 cables labeled & marketted as such, with a slight premium for the 120Hz version, and huge premium for the 240Hz version :iagree:

[quote=platinumsword;2199352]Then you should get a chuckle out of this.

[B][U]LG Display Unveils Trumotion - 480hz LCD TV Panel -4ms[/U][/B]

[B]Link: [/B]


I’ll go with what Debro said in that thread.:bigsmile:

So I Just got used to 24p x 5 = 120 for a 5:5 pulldown

24p x 10 = 240 for ?:? and 24p x 20 = 480 for ?:? :confused:

Debro just checked Monoprice and no 240hz cables there yet. I am sure Monster will have them, if not soon or maybe they will skip the 240Hz and go right to 480Hz backward compatible cables.:wink: