Sony delays PS3 in Australia

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Sony has delayed the launch of its PS3 console in Australia to March next year due to shortages in the blue diodes used to make its blu-ray drive according to an article found at the Sydney…

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That’s just sad…I think they got too confident…that whatever they putout will be a sellout…actually it is sellout now but for every buyers, there’s at least 5 or more people not getting one and not going to wait for it…thus $ony is driving away its customers…what will they do next?

“…saying only that it will “futureproof” the console…” Unless of course HD-DVD wins or until hybrid players come along.

Actually PS3 is a waste of money and it still be a waste of money for at last one year. :r

“The PS3 will retail for around $829 or $999 in Australia depending upon what bundle you choose.” Whhhhooooo!!! An X-Box 360 … full packages… 400$ --------------------------- Is a Joke !?? :S

Fu*k Sony. Last week I needed to buy a digital camera. It was between Sony and Canon. I bought Canon because last month I swore I’d never buy a Sony product again.