Sony delays launch of its BDP-S1 Blu-ray disc player yet again

I just posted the article Sony delays launch of its BDP-S1 Blu-ray disc player yet again.

 While  Samsung and Panasonic have Blu-ray disc players already fairly widely available  in North America, so far the main company behind Blu-ray, Sony, has yet again  delayed the launch...
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ok hands up, who’s suprised?

…hands up who cares? The Panasonic is a much better prospect specs wise.

Hands up who isn’t remotely interested in Blu-Ray, HD-DVD or the crappy PS3 :d

Oh well , you pays your money and takes your choices! But then again, anything SONY will be at the bottom of my shopping list!:+

“… on December 4.” yeah, but what year? :stuck_out_tongue: this is probably done in PS3’s favour anyway. I expected this move.

if it’s between the Sony BluRay Player or the PS3, I’m glad they opted to keep the PS3’s launch at the current date. I’ve never been overly impressed with Sony DVD players in general, so if it isn’t doubling as a game system, I doubt I’d buy one of their players. As said above, I think that Panasonic player looks much nicer!

Final code drop for Sony went out today. BD-J manager was hunched over and looked more stressed out than usual. QA was running around like Americans in Iraq. This is definitely the final release date. As for the GUI you’re so afraid of, it’s on

WHAT THE HECK ? ??? $1000 dollars for a blue ray player? lol… how much is ps3 gonna cost? I mean common, no one is gonna by ps3 if it’s over $400 period. i mean they may sell a few thousand units to the richest of rich people, but when xbox360 is at $300-400 AND FALLING fast, I’ll buy ps3 at $300-400 but $500 is really pushing it, even with a blue ray player, these advanced dvd players are gonna drop in price FAST, by december like $350-400 average I think it will be on sale, and by next summer we’ll start seeing cheaper brands at $175 and 200 with upper brands like panasonic and sony at $229-279, definately below $300, and by next christmas, we’ll see dual format blue ray and HD dvd players at $350 ish. I am kinda getting excited for ps3 now, I LOVE my xbox360 but I can’t wait for ps3 still, lol… and maybe nintendo wii

If won’t be a great surprise to me if ps3 doesn’t have all the standard features as other standalone BD player :d With shortage of blue laser diodes, which means rushing on production and QC!! Who can guarantee the reliability of ps3 :+