Sony declares victory over the next gen DVD standard battle

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 When Warner Brothers decided to  join the Blu-ray Disc Association,  Sony declared victory over the next  generation disc battle.  As a result, a Sony...
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Wasn’t Sony the company that produced Betamax?

Yes, I think they also produced the 3 1/2" floppy drive, the walkman, etc etc

Oh Gee! another successful smokescreen, oh well, next thing you know they will be telling us that PS3 is out selling Xbox 360 by ten to one!

I believe the ratio of Playstation3 to Xbox360 is much better than 10:1. Out of 50 Sony Executives asked, not one of them had an Xbox 360 so PS3 has 100% of the market. While i’m at it I will declare a victory for bicycles over cars, after there are more bicycles than cars :slight_smile:

“managed copying and iHD” That should inspire millions to run right out and buy 3

First, HP may be the second largest computer maker, but their attitude will only cause them to falter and fall from the market if they don’t back the right format. Second, if most movie studios support both formats, it won’t be long before they discontinue the format that isn’t selling as their suppliers will not want to get stuck with a load of discs that people aren’t buying. I believe most movie studios will pull out of the loser format within a year leaving it an orphan, regardless of which format that may be (BD or HD). The way I see it, speed with be of the essence. Whoever can get a viable player/recorder to market the quickest will have the largest advantage and it may be insurmountable if the other format falters in getting out of the starting gate.

Agree with Saruman. However, inclusion of strong copy protection/DRM/etc could well doom BluRay if HD DVD does not also include it. I will not buy either product if I can’t rip the contents of a movie to my hard drive to show on my in-house entertainment system.

Doesn’t there have to be a battle before there is victory? On another note, how about we all call it BluBetaMaxRay

I am agree with controller, I like Blue-Ray but if it does not have mandatory ability to do managed copies then I will jump on the HD DVD bandwagon. We should turn this managed copy issue into a poll to see where everyone stands.
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Of course Sony fails to mention that while 5 out of 6 companies support BluRay, that some of those companies also support HD-DVD too. Yes, it’s called dual supporting.

i will stick with dvd hd dvd seems better imho, but both bd & hd dvd will require hdmi & tons of drm stuffs, i don’t think they are worth the money

Sony has been declaring victory with a lot of things over the years. Thankfully, most don’t swallow the BS this ripoff company loves to pander. In short: yawn

Just think of all the millions of dollars these companies are pouring into a product that no one (or very few) will even buy because of all the restrictions that are being build in. And to fuel the fire people would have to buy so many other things to make them work in the first place and to further fuel the fire the price will not come down because not many will even bother with them. This is the truth. Hope this is there way of having a good time. Tell me im making this up.

Don’t fool yourself man, people will buy them. The average consumer is a sheep and will do what others do and what the big companys say is good. Yes tech savy people will hold out either for a long time and some will hold out for good (they might die while their holding out) but ultimatly how are you going to hold out if all the latest and greated games and movies only home out on a DRM’ed to hell Bluray or HD-DVD disc? Guess you won’t be watching or playing them ever again. I’m not saying DRM is good, hell no its bloody evil to the core. But these are the reality of things :frowning:

Sure don’t you know, their MP3 Walkman will kill the iPod, or so they said when it was realised :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone answer me this? With bluray and HD-DVD drives, will a common DVD from now be able to be played in both the drives? I’ve been paying very little attention to both bluray and HD-DVD

This is good news, we you rooting for one evil corporation’s format to win over another? Most people buy/rent a movie and watch it once. Does anyone think this will change that? I hope some people in China break the format and make it easy to copy, BUT not till after a year or so after the studios have committed to supporting whatever the hell format they commit to. Also I’d like to see Microsoft and Intel back away from locking our new computers down so they can play digital media the movie studios will have none of that, so it looks like the big lock down for PCs that is coming will be for nothing. Your computer will be saying “I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that” an awful lot after Vista. Things that will change once all the DRM is turned on in Vista: Sending your internal company memos to won’t work. Running programs like LAME, SKYPE, P2P and anything with ripper in the name, will be a memory. Visiting web pages that are not corporate/IP friendly will be a thing of the past. Trying to make your own ring tones from music on your computer. Duping computer games and software will get much harder. You will RENT windows Vista and Office, to pay for updates.

“Running programs like LAME, SKYPE, P2P and anything with ripper in the name, will be a memory.” What pure and utter ridiculously alarmist TRIPE. Will Vista have DRM? Sure. Will it affect existing programs? No. Vista will have hooks for DRM but devs will have to exploit them. Not to defend Vista but your post is BULLSHIT and you have not ONE single shred of PROOF to back it up. I have very good technical reasons to KNOW that you don’t. 'nuff said.

The only way what I said won’t come to pass is if Microsoft and Intel don’t turn on all the DRM features they will have access to on the DRM hardware and software. Or if Wintel screws up somewhere along the line. At some point only signed code will run. As I said “locking our new computers down” I’m not talking about my P4 I’m talking about every single CPU after the P4 having DRM features that can limit the programs (BIOS/OS/APPLICATIONS) I can run. The DRM hooks you are talking about are the features like the future version of Microsoft Office not letting you do things like forward private emails off the network, or copy and paste the email to the clip board. I want to say one thing very clear, if you are going to take the tone with me about not having proof about something and then saying “I have very good technical reasons to KNOW that you don’t.” Let me be VERY clear in my response to that - FUCK you that is not proof either you dip shit. So you say it and that is proof and if I say it and it is BS? some things for other people to google to learn about DRM: Protected Video Path NGSCB initiative But this is not proof, as Microsoft and Intel have not put the products and features out for the end users to be locked into yet. Let me ask you one question will DRM have one positive for the end users? That was my entire point, (Microsoft was securing the PC so the media companies could trust the PC as a playback/rental platform) and now the movie studios have said screw that, we won’t let you have a format where you can rip it at all. Again another point is Intel (plus AMD and others) and Microsoft are screwing them selves by trying to screw us, when the simple fact is the movie business goes after DVD players that let you skip the commercials that some DVDs have.