Sony decides to cease XCP rootkit use for the future

I just posted the article Sony decides to cease XCP rootkit use for the future.

 Just in over at BetaNews, it seems Sony is really feeling the heat  and has even captured the attention of the just  appointed, Assistant Homeland Security Chief, Stewart Baker. If you check out...
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“As a precautionary measure, Sony BMG is temporarily suspending the manufacture of Cd’s containing XCP technology,” Temporarily? I think they should get out of Dodge while the getting is good. This is not over by a long shot. Personally I do not own an ipod or any other such device but for my system to be damaged (unlikely event) I would be as mean as a mad dog. They will regret what they did but as was pointed out just testing the waters. I can not think of a greater reason for making people turn to P2P just to get back at them. I have little doubt every sony protected album has probably hit the “most downloaded list” by now.

“Temporarily” They still haven’t learned. Flay 'em in the stores. Sorry Carlos, I luv ya man, but yer latest CD is gonna TANK. Thank yer bosses. luv, A customer who won’t be.
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they also intend to look for alternatives, screw alternatives, we dont want protections or drm, you fat cat corporate *&^@# pricks! ****Comment edited by Crabbyappleton symbols in place of nationality mention-
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It makes me sick that Carlos Santana’s latest work has to be infected with this driver, as I will of course not buy it either for a plethora of reasons.

Look for alternatives in this case means: Getting a new rootkit, which hides even better and takes even longer to be revailed (last one took two months)… :slight_smile:

action speaks louder than words and as a precaution i suggest BOYCOTT sony until we are satisfied that there is no protection on any of their music cd’s Remember fair use right u know one backup copy of the one you have just bought ?? we have em right where we want them if we BOYCOTT em NO SALES EQUALS NO COMPANY !

Temporary, now that’s and interesting term! First they offer an unistaller that reinfects the computer, and thus making it more unstable, now they offer no apologies, for creating the tool for the next gen trojan/phishers/virii/cheating online game players on all assorted windows machines, whilst simultaneously, claiming it is harmless, and providing a hiddden undocumented phone home feature! But alas how do you suspend an already issued hard pressed CD already on sale at both retail and secondhand level??? Oh well, let the toasting of all SONY products continue unabated, for they chose at corporate level to treat all customer as thieves, together with a EULA that deprives the enduser of a majority of rights and priveliges! This is but a meaningless straw apology only, unless backed up by a physical recall/refund/replacement of all infected cd’s with this invasive ware at company non artist expense together with adequate compensation for all those with the infected machines with this cloaking malware, both now and in the future! Nah !, they have a long way to go yet!:r

“temporarily suspended”…what?..until they find a way to process their DRM on a much lower level so it is completely concealed. Guess what happens when you treat consumers like dickheads…yer off my chrissy list…arrogant bastards!!.. :X

How about a personal blanket policy of just not buying Sony CD’s (period). Kind of like “Just Say NO!”

why aren’t we seeing any comments from the artists about this garbage? As far as I’m concerned their silence makes them complicent and part of this problem. They need to speak out, and lets not hear how they had no idea after these rootkits have been brought out in the open everywhere you look.