Sony DDU1621 wont read cd roms anymore


I have a DDU1621 Dvd rom set as slave. My master drive is a LG DVD+/-RW which works fine.

However, when I try to read CD roms in the sony ddu 1621 drive here’s what happens:

It starts to spin and the green light turns on (doesn’t blink/flash). To me, this is weird (that it doesn’t blink).

It spins for a minute or two then stops and it’s as if there is no cd in the drive.

Read DVDs fine.

I’m using Windows XP Sp1.

Obviously, it has a problems recognizing CDs . What perplexes me is that this is a relatively new problem because when it was new, I had no problem reading CD (games, software, music, etc…) in the Sony DDU1621 drive.

In case you might wonder, I have not messed around with the firmware and I don’t feel competent enough to do so.

So I come here for your educated opinions on what the problem might be and how I could solve it. This is last resort because if this fails, I’m just going to ditch the dvd rom and get a cd-rw writer on sale for 30 bucks :smiley:

Hoping and waiting I thank you very much for your time and patience for dealing with a noob such as I.

Wow, thanks for helping me…really…

Try placing the Sony as single master and remove the LG , so that you can see if it’s working that way.

If it’s working that way you’ll at least know that it isn’t broken.